Day 57th – Wednesday 13th May – Stay Healthy!

Hi, my quick-witted friends! For more than 50 days we have stayed at home due to the coronavirus illness. It is the reason that you’re not going to school, can’t go outside very often or visit your friends. Today we will be learning more about health, illnesses and coronavirus.

But before, let’s enjoy your fantastic videos:

They were funny! It is time to admire this cute monster picture:

Thank you very much for sending your works, you get better everyday!

Let’s start today’s lesson with this video:

Would you like to know more about coronavirus? Then, let’s watch Dr. Binocs:

There is a very complete book for children about this illness. If you find it too long and with too many words, you can only look at the illustrations and that’s it!

This one is easier and shorter, and it will help us to express our emotions:

For today’s homework, I would like you to make a drawing about the coronavirus. If you pefer, you may print these nice drawings and colour them. I have found them at . They are in Italian. I hope you like them!

Have fun colouring and see you tomorrow!

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