Day 96st – Monday 22nd June – Happy Summer, Friends!

Hi, my dearest friends! The day has come to say hello to summer and to finish the school year. It has been a weird one with the lockdown, but we have made the best of it. We have practised our English a lot, and now we deserve a fantastic holiday time. So, let’s get the fun started and enjoy the hot long days with our friends and family.

But before, let’s see this refreshing videos and picture:


Great job, kids! During the classes, you have amazed me thousand of times. I have prepared a compilation of school time photos to show the world how incredible you are.

Wow, thank you for these beautiful memories. It was so fun to be your teacher!

I would also like to thank the school families, for their dedication, support and collaboration. I know that without you, this blog adventure would not have been possible.

I’ve made a video with some family pictures you’ve been sending me. It represents all the families and how grateful I am for everything you’ve done to keep on with your children education. You are great!

Some of you have asked if this blog would be operative during the summer, and the answer is yes! So if you feel like practising some English, you are more than welcome. And it will serve as summer homework too, for those who want to keep on studying.

As this is the last entry, I would like to show you the padlet I made with your videos and pictures for the Erasmus Project in May. I sent it to our European schoolmates, but unfortunately, none of them gave me an answer. Maybe they had no time to do so. Anyway, click on the rainbow to see how our Say Hello to Europe Padlet was:


Before I finish, I want to post one last picture. Paula and Celia have sent it to me today. They have made two fantastic drawings about summer and I think they are a perfect closing to this blog.


Bye-bye, my cuties. I wish you all a great summer. Take care, speak English if you can, but most of all, have fun!


Day 91st – Wednesday 17th June – Getting Ready for the Summer

Hi, summertime fans! Very soon we all will be enjoying this magical season at the beach, the mountain or whatever place our family likes. No wonder this time of the year is the favourite one of many people, and I know you and me are part of that group, so let’s learn how to get ready for the summer.

But before, let’s see this cute video:

Hey kids, it is amazing how well you draw! I am very glad that many of you liked the Artsforkidshub videos and I hope you keep on drawing during the summer.

It’s time now to start the lesson with a refreshing Summer Song:

Now, let’s pack our suitcase for the hot days. Let’s see what summer clothes we will need:

There are also some safety measures we have to take to keep safe during the summer, and a very important one is to protect our skin.

In this story written by Marta, a mom of our school, she tells us we must be very careful because the intense sun is harmful and we have to protect our skin. She also teaches us to be brave and to fight every battle we have to go through in life. You will find Lunares que cuentan, her story, by clicking on the image below:

Thank you, Marta, for sharing with us this lesson of resilience, hope and love. We all have to be responsible, and the sooner we start taking care, the better.

Now we are ready for the beach, so let’s go with Peppa:

For those who like to draw, today I propose a summer holiday destination: an island!

Oh yes! We are longing to go to the beach. Some more days and we will be there, eventually. Have fun and see you tomorrow!

Day 89th – Monday 15th June – Baby Animals

Hi there, tender hearts! If you happen to have a pet, you know what it is to be surrounded by a friend that will always stand by your side unconditionally, and if you have them since they were babies you know how adorable they are. Little animals always make us smile and cheer up, and I know you love them so much, I have thought about this topic for today’s lesson.

But before, let’s have a look at your beautiful faces with your wonderful videos and pictures:


Wow, guys! I feel so proud of you. You do great every time!

Let’s start today’s lesson with the Baby Animals song:

During the summer we have to have fun, but also should take safety precautions when we are exposed to the sun. Let’s visit a website where you will find a video and a story about Marta, Teresa’s mom. She speaks about what happened to her when she got ill and how to protect ourselves from the sun. Click on the image below:

Would you like to draw a cute animal now? Then, let’s make a drawing of this kitten called Pusheen. She loves to eat cookies. Can you think of someone who loves cookies too…?

Baby animals are so cute! And they can be fun too… Do you feel like doing yoga with animals? Let’s try it!

We are now relaxed and fit. Wonderful! Have fun and see you tomorrow little cubs!

Day 85th – Thursday 11th June – Tidying up

Hi there, organised friends! Do you like to tidy up? Maybe it is not the most thrilling thing to do, but all of us need to put a little order in our things, from time to time. So, let’s discover some fun ways to do it. Are you ready?

But before, let’s have a look at this refreshing video:

Great drawing, thank you for sending it!

Let’s start today’s lesson with the Clean up song:

We can all tidy up. Let’s see how Peppa and George do it:

When we tidy up, we have to be careful not to disorder everything again. But, then if we do, we only have to clean up again! Let’s hear some tips (for parents!) that will help us become great at cleaning up:

We are now ready to go clean up our home when we finish playing! Because we are never too young to start tidying up.

So, today I propose you to clean up a little bit and send me a photo of you while doing it. So, come on! You can do it!!!

I would also like to send a big hug to all of you, moms and dads, who help your children every day to do all their chores. All of you are AMAZING, and I thank you very much for your collaboration with this blog. You rock!

Please, send me a photo of you with your children, so we all can be in the last entry of this blog…which will be by the end of the school year.

See you tomorrow!!

Day 84th – Wednesday 10th June -Swimming

Hi, aquatic friends! How was the long weekend? Did you have fun with your family? I hope so! Summertime is coming and we all love going to the beach or the swimming pool. Very soon the swimming pools will be open and we’ll go swimming, so it’s a good idea to dedicate this class to this topic.

But before, let’s have a look at your fab videos:

Good job, kids! Now, let’s start today’s lesson with the Swimming song:

Let’s learn some vocabulary related to swimming pools. Are you ready?

If you go to a swimming pool, there are some safety rules you must follow:

We are now ready to go swimming when the swimming pools are open!

Today there is a special message I have to give you: From now on, there will be no more homework! Hooray! Anyway, if you wish to have your pictures and videos published in this blog, do not hesitate to send them to me.

So, today I propose you a drawing, but please, do it only if you feel like it, ok? It will be a swimmer:

I hope you have fun with water and see you tomorrow!

Día 82th – Lunes 8 de junio – El Reto de las Verduras de la Clase de 3 años A

¡Hola chicos! Vamos a continuar con el reto de las verduras y esta vez le toca a la clase de 3 años A. ¡Vamos a ver qué verdura es vuestra favorita!

¡Qué guapos y grandes estáis! Las seños estamos muy contentas de que os gusten las verduras, porque os harán crecer muy fuertes y sanos. ¡Bien hecho, chicos!

Como ya sabéis, además de las verduras, las frutas también son my saludables, porque tienen muchas vitaminas, minerales y fibra, que son muy buenos para los niños. Vamos a ver si a Peppa Pig y sus amigos les gustan las frutas:

El otro día vimos los nombres de las verduras en inglés y hoy le toca el turno a las frutas. Y ¿Qué mejor que aprenderlas con una canción?:

Ha llegado el momento de hacer un dibujo de una fruta. Esta vez será de una sandía muy rica.

Si quieres ver tu dibujo en el blog, hazle una foto y envíalos a, o a vuestro apartado de portfolios de Classdojo.

Si eres de 3 años A, o de 3 años B, y aún no has enviado tu vídeo, pero te gustaría hacerlo, ¡aún estás a tiempo! Manda tu vídeo a la seño Rocío o a la seño Mercedes y lo incluiremos en la lista de reproducción.

Si quieres recordar el reto de la verdura de 3 años B, pincha aquí.

Las seños os envíamos un abrazo muy grande y os damos las gracias por participar en el Reto de la Verdura. Pasadlo bien y ¡no olvidéis comer frutas y verduras cada día para estar sanos y fuertes!

Day 79th – Friday 5th June -Football Rocks!-

Hi, football fans! Do you feel like playing a match? After so many days of staying at home, we’ve missed playing football with our buddies a lot, but now we can do it! Yes, we love this sport, and we would spend the whole day playing it with our team. So, let’s the match begins!

But before, let’s watch your super videos:

And your cool pictures:




Hey kids, your works were excellent, thank you for sharing!

Let’s start today’s lesson with the I Am a Football Rocker song:

Caillou is learning to play football, but he calls it soccer because that’s the name they use for this sport in Canada and the USA:

As you know, many girls love playing football too, like Peppa Pig. Let’s listen to this story:

For today’s activity, maybe you wish to make a drawing of a football. Or just to play football with your friends. In any case, please, remember to take a pic or video of you and send it to me!

I wish you a great weekend playing football or any other sport. And remember, the important thing is not to win but to have fun. See you on Monday!

Day 78th – Thursday 4th June – Pop the Bubbles!

Hi, playful companions! Do you like to play with bubbles? These magic spheres can be great fun for all ages. I loved to play with them, and I still do! Besides, we can now play outside, so it is not important if we get a little bit wet, is it? Today we are going to learn how to make bubble makers and other funny things about bubbles.

But before, let’s watch this cute video:

And these extraordinary pictures:


Wow, you are doing amazing, keep the good work!

Let’s start today’s lesson with two bubble songs, are you ready? Let’s start with ten bubbles:

That was easy-peasy. Let’s go for twenty bubbles now!

We love bubbles, and Peppa Pig’s family loves them too:

As you know, we can find bubbles in a lot of places. Let’s listen to this story to know more:

And now, would you like to play with bubbles too? Today I propose you two activities to make your DIY bubble makers. Ask an adult to help you make this heart shape bubble maker:

Or maybe, you prefer to make a giant bubble maker. (I have always wondered what they put in the mixture to make giant bubbles, and the secret is…glycerine):

If you prefer to make a drawing, try this one!:

Please, take a photo or video of you doing these activities and send it to me, so that we all can share the fun. Oh! and if you happen to have a dog and a baby at home, then, include them in your bubble game!

Have a good laugh with bubbles and see you tomorrow!

Day 77th – Wednesday 3rd June – Birds

Hello there, nature enthusiasts! This is the time of the year when birds make their nests and lay their eggs. Have you ever seen a nest in a tree? if we pay attention when going to a park or the countryside, we may be able to notice them. They are so cute! Let’s dedicate today’s lesson to these beautiful winged creatures.

But before, let’s take some minutes to admire your videos and pictures:


Hey kids, thank you for sharing your good vibes. Every time I download your videos or pictures, I have such a great time… You are amazing!

Ok, let’s start today’s lesson with a song that will teach us many birds’ names in English:

Now we are ready to watch Peppa Pig and Polly Parrot Episode:

Let’s hear now the story of a very peculiar duck, Guji Guji. Because the important thing is not what we look like, but what we feel. Let’s listen to it:

Did you like this tale? It is one of my favourite ones. Ok, let’s do some homework now. Today you may choose between a beautiful peackok:

Or if you prefer, you may draw this cute baby bird:

Once you’ve finished your drawing, please send me a photo of it. Or, if you prefer, record a video telling me what your favourite bird is.

I look forward to receiving your works. Have fun with birds and write to me soon!

Day 75th – Monday 1st June – Ice Cream

Hello, sweet friends! The month of June has already come and, you know? It is hot, so it is time to eat ice cream. Do you like it? Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla,… Yummy! Today’s lesson will be dedicated to this refreshing food.

But before the lesson starts, let’s delight ourselves with your videos and pictures:



Hey guys, you amaze me every time with your works!

Ok, let’s start today’s lesson with the Ice Cream Song:

We are ready now to watch Peppa Pig eating ice cream in the Very Hot Day Episode:

Everybody loves ice cream, even cats! Let’s read this story of Splat the Cat:

Cuties kittens! Don’t you think? Let’s move to homework. Today I would like you to draw this fab ice cream tower:

Once you’ve finished the drawing, please send me a photo of it. Or if you prefer, record a video telling me what is your favourite ice cream flavour.

I look forward to receiving your works. Have fun with ice cream and write to me soon!

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